About Us

Wood & Canvas Creations is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and owned by husband and wife team Greg and Sarah who started the business as a way to follow their passion and share their art and woodwork creations with the world. When they are not on bushwalks or down at the beach Greg is usually sanding away at a hardwood slab and Sarah painting away on a canvas.

Woodwork by Greg 

Greg first discovered his love of woodwork when he was 8 years old and built an enclosure for his bearded dragon with his dad. Since that day Greg has had a passion for woodwork and has undertaken hundreds of projects, constantly finding new and unique methods to create exciting pieces like his colour resin inlayed furniture. Greg loves to be challenged in his work so feel free to contact him with any unique requests.

Artworks by Sarah

Sarah first knew she had a love for art when she was 9 years old learning about Pablo Picasso at school. Sarah continued her love for art painting and drawing in her spare time. A self taught artist, Sarah is excited to share her paintings and art with our customers and the world. Check out the Artworks page for her recent works.

Together Greg and Sarah strive to produce the best quality paintings and woodwork for their customers and enjoy every minute of it.